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Illegibilus: CJ by CaptainAsche Illegibilus: CJ by CaptainAsche
   Annnnd this is what I did all day today except when I was eating xDD
My app for :iconillegibilus: since I've been stalking their art through one of my watches and I saw they were open today.
 I took the Pottermore test and got Ravenclaw/Gryffindor, so I went with the one with the least house points for now.

• Name: Carson Julius Eimhir
• Age: 17
• Gender: Female
• Height: 5'2
• Weight: 130 lb
• Birthday: February 16
• Nationality: Scottish
• House: Ravenclaw
• Year: 6th

• Personality:
- Headstrong/Pacifistic: Once Carson gets an idea in her head, there's no shaking it. The petite blonde likes to follow through and won't make a promise she can't keep. That said, she does get involved in things she seemingly can't handle just to find out what it's like or prove that she can. Not to be questioned on her moral grounds, she will corner logically anyone who insults her decisions, friends, or for that matter her fat ferret. She doesn't like to duel or fist-fight, staying rather calm and together even in heated arguments, but won't back down with words even if fists fly. A few bruises are worth a point made peacefully on her end, especially since she studies healing spells in her spare time and knows how to patch herself up.

- Easily Bored/Studious: Being cooped up with a notebook is perfectly fine by Carson, provided she has something to write about. There's nothing worse than a blank page and writer's block. If she finds herself stuck on a story or character, or just flat out with nothing to do, she'll read up on a random subject or person she's heard about to collect information. Sometimes the amateur novelist will wander around campus, cutting it close to curfew to get in a few observations about people or the way a structure stands. In fact, most of her conversations once she's in writer-mode consist of questions on preferences, interests, and human nature. Spellcasting to her is more to make things work smoothly or conveniently, and she doesn't tend to study hexes or dueling spells. Healing charms on the other hand are of interest to her, as are levitation, divination, and anything involving nonhuman creatures.

- Secretive: Carson has had her work plagiarized before, both in school and in her private writings. If someone looks over her shoulder while she's writing something, she will cast a mobilization charm on a nearby object and throw it at their face without halting her sentence. She doesn't consider this fighting as it generally ends with the other party leaving her alone without retaliation. Anyone who attempts to copy her worn parchments or crumpled homework will receive a more harsh treatment. In a similar vein, she doesn't like to be asked what she's doing or writing, or to share her work with other students even if they don't seem the type to claim others' literature, as she hates explaining the universes of her generally 'fantasy'-based writings and is embarrassed by any notions of romance that she may write and forget about. Her mother once demanded to read what she'd been working on during a Summer break in which they were supposed to be having 'family time,' and the woman kept asking if the characters were based on anyone she knew, or if it was a self-insert because she was a loner. Carson was not amused and has actively tried to keep love out of her writing despite the great story fodder that it makes.

- Warm- Despite her quiet nature and vehement objections to an interest in companionship, Carson likes to have others to talk to and be protective of. Being the youngest in her family, she never had the chance to spoil a younger sibling, and likes to buy little gifts for the first and second years she knows or offer a hand when anyone needs it. She is the least likely of anyone in her family to leave someone alone when they're upset, and while she doesn't often resort to a cheering spell or her brother's lame jokes, does her best to keep everyone's head above water. Whether it's sitting with someone who's alone, talking out an issue, tutoring, or even sharing a story, CJ takes whatever action she can. (That is about the only way she'll read aloud or let someone else read her writing outside of classroom assignments.)

• Background:
   Born and raised in Dumbarton, Scotland, Carson is the youngest child and only daughter in her family. Her brothers, Edan and Niall, were very different in the ways they treated her; Edan, the eldest and most like their mother, was stifling and dismissive, referring her to female cousins whenever she asked to spend time together. He was also in attendance at Hogwarts throughout most of her childhood, and despite only seeing her while on vacation didn't make time for her. Niall on the other hand was only a year older and would spend more time with Carson than he did his brother. The two were thick as thieves and would actually pinch things from the cupboard together or just horse around outside with their schoolmates.

Effie didn't approve of allowing her only daughter to roughhouse or play around with magic, and often recruited her to help with chores or play in her brightly painted room while her brothers played 'boy games.' In a way this led to Carson's hands-off, mental approach to fighting, as while she did feel shut-in, she spent more time reading and creating her own adventures through writing, developing an interest in solving things with her words. While her first notebooks are hardly full of literature, she kept even those elementary writings to look back on. Her father, Duncan, would sneak her rowdy adventure books and make trips to the school where he worked to let her study whatever she liked in the library.

When Niall was spending his first year away at Hogwarts, Carson used her spare time to write letters to her brother, often memorizing the names and effects of spells and potions he wrote back about studying. Her marks in school remained among the highest in her class, but she became more distant from the other students as she realized that the next year she'd be joining her brother in school. Every day after she turned eleven she'd volunteer to fetch the mail and dig through the bills and postages anticipating a letter from Hogwarts. By the time she finally glimpsed it peeking out from behind an ad mailer, Carson had made her own list of school supplies, planned out which classes she would like, and written down profiles of several teachers Niall had gushed or sighed about through his own letters.
With Edan graduated and moving in with his girlfriend and Niall home for the Summer, Carson was anxious to visit Diagon Alley and pick up her necessities. Though she managed to convince her mother to buy an assortment of books, she was told that their old tabby, Sascha, was the only pet they needed. Disappointed but still determined, she gathered her purchases and headed to Ollivander's, where a pliable aspen wand became hers. The day she took the train to Hogwarts, following her brother to Platform 9 3/4, Carson decided she needed a nickname, as she wasn't fond of shortening her name to either 'Car' or 'Son' and suspected her mother of purposely choosing a name that couldn't be morphed. Though he sat with his friends, Niall allowed his sister to join them and came up with CJ from her initials. She liked the simple name, and the girl burdened with the handed-down cat carrier started using it from then on. She was sorted into Ravenclaw, not to her chagrin but she was a little disappointed that she wasn't in the same house as her brother.

For her first few years, CJ was just breaking from the mold her mother had tried to fit her into, and still carried a few mannerisms from her upbringing. She didn't lash out, rebel, or turn to fighting, but started to take less care in her appearance, neglecting the things Effie had always gushed about such as her clean, well-managed hair and unbitten nails. She preferred to spend her time more usefully than primping or socializing, and was somewhat of a loner as a young Ravenclaw. Potions became a favorite class of Carson's after reading about truth serums and antidotes, and she excelled in classes where she could work hands-on or through written word. Several Summers ago she was finally able to get her own pet after the old feline burden had been lifted by death, and the girl whose mother refused to call her CJ received a chubby young ferret with peach fur and large black eyes.

A completely different person from the sheltered little girl who wrote only to escape boredom, Carson became an accomplished writer, if only in the world of fanfiction and in her own so far unpublished works. She's gone through three accounts, abandoning the old ones once she improved enough to look back on the writing and not want to read it ever again. For the first five years she grew out her hair until it reached the back of her legs, wearing it in a single braid over her shoulder and out of the way. Her neglect however led to lectures and painful brushings at every homecoming, and eventually she'd had enough of spending extra cash on hair products, 'Rapunzel' jokes from Niall and unruly knots whose taming cut into homework and writing time whenever she released her hair from its braid. A few days before her fifth year ended, CJ hewed off her braid, leaving an uneven mass of severed knots behind. She was greeted by amusement from her brother and faint-worthy shock on her mother's part, but the lightweight, freeing feeling stayed with her throughout the Summer, even when her mother demanded she go to a stylist to get a 'proper' cut.

This year, Carson aims to write a novel worthy of publishing, work out her lackluster patronus charm, and make at least a few friends to occupy the idle time she has between classes, homework, writing and boredom. She also wants to get her parents to use her nickname; though her father really seemed to have no qualms with it, he wouldn't call her CJ in Effie's presence.

• Family:
-Her mother, Effie: A loving traditionalist housewife, Effie spends a lot of time writing to her daughter and being overly-involved in her life. With her oldest son graduated from Hogwarts, steadily employed and married, and having given her a grandchild, she's anxious to see her younger children succeed. She was hesitant to buy Carson a ferret, as she herself had taken a cat all six years, but when the elderly tabby that had accompanied all her children passed away between the girl's second and third years, she relented. Effie keeps house, cooks, impedes on her children's lives  and volunteers at her husband's workplace.

-Her father, Duncan: The calm, friendly muggle is a foil to his wife's constant energy and influence. He's a librarian and middle school English substitute and encourages his students and children to be creative and precise. Unlike Effie, who took an open interest in the love-lives of their now married son Edan and the two still attending Hogwarts, Duncan prefers to let them 'blossom on their own terms.'
- Her eldest brother, Edan: Edan is a family-man, first and foremost. Taking after his mother, he has an old-timer's view on politics and ethics, and has an arrogant streak that has his younger siblings grinding their teeth during his visits. A former prefect of Gryffindor and a bit sexist, he wasn't surprised when his sister was sorted into the 'weaker' Ravenclaw House. His wife, a quiet nurse who'd been in his graduating class six years ago, doesn't seem to notice or be bothered by his convictions, instead focusing on how well he takes care of her and their two year old son, Brodie.

- Her older brother, Niall: A seventh year in Gryffindor House, Niall is outspoken, friendly, and artistic. He shares the silver eyes of his mother's lineage with Carson, but his hair became reddish brown unlike his siblings who inherited their father's blonde hair. An aspiring graphic novelist, he collaborates with CJ on projects he likes to show off to his dormmates. He's currently working on a comic series about his years at Hogwarts and his family.

- A muggle aunt and uncle, an unmarried wizard uncle, three cousins, and her maternal grandfather, all of whom live abroad now except for the grandfather who is retired in London.

• Likes & Dislikes:
(+  is a Like, - is the corresponding Dislike)
+ Animals, magical or otherwise.  - Parasites and Bacteria.
+ Fresh Orange Juice. - Tepid Coffee.
+ Snow. - Sand.
+ Writing, Books, and Fanfiction. - Bad grammar.
+ Vests/Tanktops. - Jackets and Restrictive Clothing.

• Elective Classes:
Care of Magical Creatures

• Extra Curricular:
Muggle Music
Ghoul Studies

• Spells:
- Mobilization Charm
- Cheering Charm
- Ferula
- Episkey
- Patronus Charm
- Rennervate

• Wand Ingredients -
Core: Phoenix Feather
Length: Eleven Inches
Wood: Aspen
Flexibility: Quite Bendy

• Pet
Name: Teddy
Species: Cinnamon Ferret
Gender: Male
Personality: The large, tan ferret is lax and playful. He likes to climb up Carson's arms and lay across her shoulder or be held, and is only active following long naps, after which he wants to goof around like a dog, play-fighting a challenger's hands, or better yet, another student's ferret. Other ferrets are also his favorite companions; he believes he makes a rather good pillow, and likes to nap together. Teddy's curious about dogs, but avoids them since they usually yap at him, and he seems to be fascinated by toads. The hood of Carson's cloak is his favorite non-living place to nap, but he settles for stealing her pillow while she's out. His name was chosen by Carson when she was 8, because she decided that the ferrets with his patterning looked like teddy bears. She named her new pet Teddy when he was gifted to her in the Summer after her second year at Hogwarts to spite her brothers for teasing her about the moniker.
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