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PokeInstitute App: Val by CaptainAsche PokeInstitute App: Val by CaptainAsche
Updated the art since I changed her hair a long time ago xD This is my application for :iconpokeinstitute:
  ((I've updated to alter her age and fit her level to it, as based on Traffic laws she quite likely wouldn't have been able to get a Motorcycle license before coming to the school if I left her at 16. :| I forgot my logic... It's not a time skip though, just a number swap for the sake of her scooter/motorcycle license.))

Name: Valia (Val) Amp
Age: 19
Level: 28
Gender: Female
Species: Joltik
Ability: Unnerve. 
Height: 4'7


Her goggles (A blue and yellow pair)  that she wears while on her scooter. (Val also has a helmet, but she avoids wearing it because her hair's messy enough as is and helmets squish her ears.) 

"The Vali-mobile," a red motorized scooter with an attached cart-like basket for deliveries. She used to have an old motorcyle that 'looked way cooler' than the scooter, but it finally kicked it a week before she moved.

A gaming/work pc and mutliple thumb drives. (One for rp text, another for pasta recipes and personal files, and a third to back-up assignments.)

A blue PC-compatible headset.

A black wallet with RPG Sprites on it.

A pot and collander.

A box of button cell batteries.

Bug Bite
Wild Charge
Sleep Talk 


Boyish, chipper, and playful, Val doesn't spend much time worrying about day to day troubles. She tends to tease the people she likes, but will also initiate fist-bumps and high fives or just hop on the back of a friend and demand to be carried. She oftimes goes straight from energetic to sleepy, but works hard regardless until she passes out snoring. Her strong points aside from text-rp'ing and online questing are cooking, cordiality and running, which she uses in her part time job as a noodle delivery girl, but she doesn't know what she's going to do once she graduates. The Joltik is reasonably smart, (B Average in everything but the dreaded science) but not tech savvy enough to design the video games she loves playing. Val also dresses and acts ambiguously, spending most free-time out wandering, gaming, or studying random interests. She's confused for a young man on occasion but doesn't seem to care which gender someone thinks she is as long as they maintain positive interactions; she rather likes being called 'sport' or 'son' by the customers she delivers to and while she doesn't fight anymore unless physically provoked, won't remain in conversation or hearing distance of someone who insults her preferences. However, with her bubbly outward action she's less and less frequently mistaken in gender despite her use of binders and hate of 'girly' clothes and activities.

Since her first job back in Goldenrod Valia has had a passion for pasta, which she makes, eats, buys and delivers on a regular basis. She listens to an array of music from rock to Broadway numbers on her rounds, and hasn't yet gotten lost while on a delivery or run out of gas on her scooter. Val has never run to someone else for comfort or spoken about her concerns and stresses, and prefers to keep any anxiety to herself. Rather than pride, she sees it as a way to keep from troubling others and making more enemies. If bothered, upset, or injured she'll hide it and take out her frustration solely on the source of the problem without asking for help. She exudes a cool neutrality that is her new shield and finds that it allows her to be around others more easily than the tough exterior of her junior high years. She is more mature and friendly than she used to be, but is still stubborn and unsure of herself.


Born into a large family of Joltik living in a barely-paid-off 4 bedroom house in Northern Goldenrod City, Val was the baby of the house with 12 older brothers, all of whom treated her no differently than they did each other. Her father Magnus, a carpenter for a local company that built residencies in the area surrounding the city, spent his post-workday hours drinking himself to sleep until he lost his job in a massive layoff 5 years after she was born. For a short while he gave up alcohol, more to spare the expense for his family than to end the damage it was doing. In her elementary school years Valia had a few friends but was usually quiet and studious. Growing up wearing her brothers' old clothes and living on the earnings of her PRN mother Leclanche and whatever could be spared from the paychecks of the older children of the house as they saved for college, she was embarrassed by their poverty. The girl didn't want to be someone else's charity case, and kept from making conversation with those who knew of her family's situation. Most of her friends were boys she played tag and adventure games with on the playground but didn't talk to otherwise. By the time she entered the third grade, her father was still out of work and off the wagon, and her mother's lectures and worries on what he was doing to his body and life did nothing to keep him from the bottle. Val would often sneak down to the living room where Magnus slept in his chair, accompanied only by the snores of the twins who slept on the pullout bed, and replace whatever alcohol he'd been drinking with a glass of ice water before tiptoeing back up to the room she shared with the two brothers closest to her own age.

After her parents finally split when she was 10, her father left bottle-in-hand and with no complaints for who knew where on the possibility of work in a plasma company. Galvan Amp, a professor at her eldest brother's college who had long been a friend of the family, waited a year from the divorce's finalization before asking Leclanche to marry him. Along with filling the supportive role left long ago by Val's unemployed father, the widower brought 3 younger boys into the family. As the only daughter of the expanded but more financially sound family, Valia was turned to by her mother as an outlet for any 'girl-talk' the nurse felt she needed to have as she hit her menopausal years. Val appreciated the time she was able to spend with her mom when her husband's income ended the need for the 50 hour workweeks that had become standard for the PRN, but she found herself hating her mother's blatant attempts at feminizing the daughter who'd had ten times the male to female role models in her early years. The divorce and remarriage itself left Valia in a state of neutrality as she'd never seen much romance between her parents and felt more pity than love for the alcoholic father who she could only hope was seeking aid. Despite rather liking her new father-figure, Val started to spend more time shut in her room listening to music and playing videogames or text roleplaying fantasy adventures on the pc her latest collegebound brother had left her as a birthday gift.

Junior high was the polar opposite of her previous school years; rather than being held from school trips and sharing used classroom supplies with the classmates who forgot or also couldn't afford them, she found herself unsure of her own tastes and interests as she was free to do as she would with a shopping budget. After expressing what she believed to be her personality through new boys' clothing and ambiguous to masculine behavior, Val was questioned and ridiculed for her appearance and nature. Colorful language denying that she could act and dress like her brothers without being gay or a boy, exclusion, and generally unkind remarks followed her from day one. Though her tormentors were usually semi-popular girls who quivered at thought of her wearing overalls and light-up sneakers to school, a few of the boys she'd befriended on the playground in kindergarten started to join in. Valia found herself in one-sided arguments over snide comments and was soon fighting with threats and fists against former friends who'd fallen in with those who whispered and laughed to themselves as she walked by. On more than one occasion she was suspended for fighting, and in the anger and hurt she felt over the bullying she spent the days off school grounds writing out her frustrations in several journals that she kept in a box under her bed.

High school started out strangely for the Joltik, but she wouldn't be in the same situation if things had initially gone her way. Tired of feeling wrongly singled-out (and now able to afford the price of a private school) Val decided to apply for a boarding school her mother had been praising since Valia was in second grade. After being denied entry to the school of her mother's dreams because she'd written an opinionated and scathing application essay on schools' influence on the perception of gender, she spent three years being homeschooled by her stepfather. Still in the same house she'd spent tumultuous, formative and insecure years in alike, she worked for as many hours as she could get in a pasta shop where she opened up from the quiet, stifled child she'd been since age ten. Now that most of her older brothers have moved on and the younger boys are all in school, she's trying out another boarding school, this one seeming more accepting. Val's also matured a bit since her last attempt at schooling, and is ready to spend some time away from her tired home, learning about the world and making real friends with people her own age. Plus, at eighteen, she can live on her own if it doesn't work out. She's still addicted to MMORPGs and has the screenname 'ValiumVolt' on 12 different online games and rp sites, but took the time to snag a job delivering for an Italian restaurant near the campus of her school.

Despite being homeschooled until now, she's graduated from the high school program and intends to remain at Pokeinstitute to attend college as well for her next 4 years. This year she's been focusing more on making friends (and slacking a bit when it comes to school work) because of her renewed interest in people, but is thriving in Victini Dorm, determined to learn the Psychic move Healing Wish and become a stunt double but unsure of her path.

Other Information:

Val has a sweet tooth, but hates cold desserts like ice cream. She prefers hot cinnamon rolls or noodles of any kind to chilled sweets.
When not gaming, cooking, doing schoolwork, or working her delivery job, Val likes to wander on and off campus and try to meet new people. She also tries a new sport or activity at least once a month, trying to find something she's good at that she can use to earn a living. 

Valia doesn't like to correct people on or specify her gender unless asked, and is perfectly happy being one of the guys if it means she gets some friends. 

Though typically either in a happy or neutral mood, the Joltik gets homesick sometimes and writes letters to her brothers, most of whom have families of their own at a distance from their original home. She tries to avoid calling her mother, who still tries to explain the appeal of soap operas and pop culture magazines to her daughter between questions about her love-life and health, but answers any calls from her mom or stepfather's cell numbers in case there's ever a family emergency.

Despite her masculine personality and appearance, she has absolutely no interest in women outside of friendship, and will point it out blunty to anyone who asks or suggests otherwise.

Confident that she's matured past the point of fighting out her problems and letting hurt or emotion bother her, Val has thrown out every journal she vented into during the rough patch of her middle school suspensions, keeping only a book of dreams that she still logs in every morning.

She gets called 'Shrimp' and 'Flea' by a couple of her regular customers and doesn't seem to mind, but hates short jokes from anyone she doesn't know.

The tufts of yellow above her eye level are part of her hair. The darker ones below her brows are actually her ears. 

Val's nails are naturally tinted blue.

She wears binders over her chest to keep her appearance as ambiguous as possible on and off campus, feeling that it's better to be confused for a boy than ridiculed as genderqueer.

Val is deficient in static electricity (It's a Joltik thing) and will often gravitate toward electronics or other people when she starts to get sleepy. If she's been away from a source of power for too long she won't be able to move. To combat this, she carries around a box of button cell batteries that she'll chew or suck on like candy when her static gets low.

"My favorite sandwich? Spaghetti on garlic bread."
"Delivery! Hot pasta, comin' through."
"Hi there~~"
"I'm fine."
"Too tired... I'll give ya five bucks to carry me."
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