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January 28
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SH App: Amano Kazuko by CaptainAsche SH App: Amano Kazuko by CaptainAsche
App for :iconshoyo-high:
Name: Amano, Kazuko

Age: 17 (18 soon)

Year: 3rd

Height: 5'2

Weight: 130 lb

Club: Theater and Orchestra?

Personality: Always in the mood for a good laugh, Kazuko is laid-back and sarcastic. She likes to tease, especially messing with and emasculating her male friends. In order to keep her curly hair from becoming a bedraggled mess, she brushes and braids it as soon as she wakes every morning. Despite her tomboyish nature and tough attitude, she never cuts her hair, though she dip dyes the braid with varying colors once a month. Kazuko loves musical theater and comedy skits, and spends a lot of time reading about, listening to, writing, or watching musicals and sketch comedies. Socially she's well-liked, but known for a mean-streak when faced with prideful or unkind people. She doesn't tolerate rude behavior, but can take a joke and doesn't seem to mind her height. Kazuko has a nice singing voice, but no confidence in it, and when she does sing you can barely hear her. She owns a collection of Broadway soundtrack CDs, another of glasses, and a third of tinted contacts. 

Bio: The second child of a pair of artists, Kazuko grew up helping out in her family's coffee shop. She took music lessons from her father through elementary and middle school. When her father retired from music and the shop, her elder brother Daisuke took over. Kazuko was sent to Shoyo High by her mother, who wanted her to spend more time in theater and worry less about the shop. Of course, she's always worried about the shop (and her father) and calls home frequently, but it's really the only thing that can bother her.

+ Music/Musicals
+ Acting
+ Glasses and Contacts
+ Curry, Meat, and Bread
+ Cola
+ Hamsters
+ Anything Fun or New
+ Amusement Parks
+ Books
+ People She Can Argue With
+ 'Cheesy Romantic Bullcrap' (her little secret)
+ Crossdressing/Crossplay (her other secret xD)

- The Cold
- Horror Movies (They're Laaaaaame)
- Bugs and Spiders (those are for stepping on. xD)
- Prideful People
- Loud/Shrill Noises
- Thieves/Perverts/Cheaters (*^*)
- Uncomfortable Costumes
- Spicy Food
- Grape Candy
- Her Hair
- Driving
- Black Tea

Additional Info:

- As far as the accessories go, she wears a few things; Kazuko has a double 16th note keychain that she clips to her left pocket, a wristband/digital watch on her right arm, and three changing details.
-When bored, she'll swap out her glasses for a different style pair or put in one of her many colored contacts. Her favorites are violet, red, and blue. She also likes to dye her braid light colors that contrast with her naturally black hair.
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